Touring the Isle of Man on the 1290 Super Duke GT

The Isle of Man has a rich motorcycle history, thanks mostly to the TT which is now in its 111th year. Outside of the annual 60KM mountain race, the Isle of Man provides the perfect playground for motorcycle touring and exploring.

TT Legend and former British Superbike rider Michael Rutter, recently unleashed the  KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE GT on the islands winding, mountain roads, producing one of the most inspiring KTM videos of the year.

When interviewed about the trip and the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE GT, Michael explained:

“The GT is a world away from what I usually ride, I was amazed by the performance – particularly the engine; the torque and drive is phenomenal. Very impressive. Comfort is a big factor; the seat and bar position were spot-on at speed on track and on the road.

For a bike designed to tackle a variety of riding types – having a blast and all-day touring – it works fantastically in all situations, even ridden hard on the fast and bumpy Jurby circuit. Best of all, it has heated grips – a big thing for all year riders and even for summer in the UK!”

You can watch the full video over on KTM’s official blog here: