5 reasons why the KTM 1090 Adventure R is Chris Birch’s go to bike

Image courtesy of KTM (2018)

Enduro legend and KTM Adventure ambassador, Chris Birch recently spilled his guts to KTM’s official blog and confessed the 5 reasons he loves his KTM 1090 Adventure R.


The Engine

Chris loves how much torque the 1090cc engine gives him, punching up climbs and obstacles is a breeze. You can also totally stuff up the gears and the bike will, in his words ‘just kind of work it all out for you’.


Epic drifts

“A combination of the chassis balance, suspension and engine performance I really love how this bike sits in a corner. My favorite thing to do on this bike is slide on a gravel road from corner to corner doing big, smooth drifts.”

Your not the only ones that loves to slide the 1090 Adventure R through a few bends Chris ;)



The 1090 Adventure R is as comfortable being punched through the dirt as it is cruising on motorways. On a recent trip to Japan, Chris toured for 5 days with his Mrs before booting her off and taking the very same bike over doubles and through the log matrix at one of the country’s toughest enduro tracks.


The range of use

Because it’s road legal, you don’t have to mess around sticking it on a trailer. You can just fire it up at home and go riding. That’s what Chris really loves about the bike and the fact that “It’s just a bike that makes you want to explore and it does that with ease – on and off road.”



Even with the baffles and catalytic converter left in, the 1090 Adventure R’s LC8 twin cylinder still makes a beautiful racket. It’s left such an impression on Chris’ daughter that she’s named his bike ‘Roary’. And when you up that throttle that’s exactly what this beauty of a bike does, it roars.


This article originally appeared on KTM’s official blog. We’ve chopped it down so you can spend less time reading and more time riding.

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