Can KTM continue their dominance at the Dakar in Saudi Arabia?

Copyright: © KTM Images

Earlier this month, the organisers behind the world’s most gruelling endurance desert rally announced they were moving the Dakar from South America to Saudi Arabia.

For the past 18 years, KTM have dominated the famous desert rally. When it was held in Africa, KTM dominated. When it moved to South America, KTM dominated. But the question is can they continue now the race has been moved to the deep sand deserts of Saudia Arabia?

The short answer is yes. And for a number of reasons.

Firstly, KTM’s team is a notch above the rest. In Toby Price, Matthias Walkner, Luciano Benavides and Sam Sunderland KTM have four of the most talented rally riders on the planet. KTM’s engineers are the best in the business and the team behind 'the team' is full of talented individuals that make the KTM Dakar operation run like clockwork.

Secondly, KTM’s range of enduro and travel bikes are finely tuned workhorses, that possess the power, handling and durability to keep going whatever the conditions. The sand laden deserts of Saudi Arabia will provide a unique challenge for KTM’s engineers, but they’ve never been beaten by the conditions yet. So why bet against them now?

And finally, KTM always arrive 'Ready to Race'! It might sound cliché but this year’s race is the perfect example of everything going against them and the team still arriving prepared to race hard and fast. After a big crash during one of the early challenging stages, Toby Price broke his arm! The team patched him and his bike up. Got everything back humming. And Toby was able to take the win overall. Incredible.

Stories like this one prove the integrity of KTM’s 'Ready to Race' ethos. If you’re a keen offroad motorcycle enthusiast who’d like to have a Dakar-winning bike between your grip, give our team a call on +44 (0) 1684 292929 or visit our Tewkesbury showroom and chat to the team.

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