KTM 390 Adventure gets key upgrades for 2022

Image courtesy of KTM (2021)

Since launching the KTM 390 a few years ago, the nimble but grunty bike has set the benchmark for the smaller, single cylinder adventure segment.

The 390’s ethos has always been to take riders of all abilities to all places and the upgrades added to the 2022 version further enhance the possibilities.

An extensive list of electronic features have been added. STREET and OFFROAD traction control modes now help the rider easily tune performance for their chosen terrain. Choosing OFFROAD from STREET gives the bike a precise amount of rear wheel slip for easier use on loose or wet terrain.

Other additions include new more robust cast wheels. KTM have constructed them based around 5 spokes rather than 6 claiming the configuration improves the stiffness and resistance for the rims themselves.

Image courtesy of KTM (2021)

The 2022 KTM 390 comes in two distinctive colourways bringing them more inline with their larger-displacement cousins. Both options highlight the sharp lines of KTM’s ultra-versatile adventurer.

Even the most skilled offroad riders will find the KTM 390 Adventure gives them plenty of juice at the throttle and confidence to explore the unknown. Check out the short film below to see multi-time Baja winner Quinn Cody and renowned world traveler Paolo Cattaneo put the new 390 adventurer through its paces.


Has the KTM 390 Adventure really got enough power for tough terrain?

All the power you’ll probably ever need is provided by KTM’s state of the art, single cylinder, 4-stroke Euro 5 motor. At full tilt this compact and sublime piece of engineering can put our 43hp and 37Nm of torque. 

KTM 390 Adventure

Couple this with the lightweight frame that’s based on the knowledge collected from millions of race kilometers for the right blend of flex, stability and control in straight line performance, and you’ve got yourself a potent machine, capable of keeping up on anything you throw at it.

KTM 390 Adventure – Highlights

// Enhanced electronics as standard & OFFROAD TC

// Stronger & more resistant wheels

// 43 hp & 37 Nm of torque

// Segment-leading electronics incl. lean-angle sensitive ABS & TC

// Dakar Rally-proven chassis architecture & settings

// Removable steel trellis subframe fitted with just four screws

// WP APEX adjustable suspension 

// Dependable BYBRE brakes with 320 and 280 mm discs, two channel ABS

// 14.5 l fuel tank

// Two-part seat & crafted bodywork

// Brand new graphics & fresh look 

Arriving at dealers early 2022

KTM have promised the 2022 KTM 390 Adventure will be arriving on dealership floors from January 2022. If you’d like to get your hands on the latest and greatest addition to the lightweight adventure motorcycle segment, give us a call on 01684 29 29 29 or visit our showroom in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.