KTM launches new Powerwear range for 2018

KTM is set to release a new Powerwear accessories and casual wear range, expected to hit UK stores this year.

The EMPHASIS collection is an honest statement of winning intentions with comfortable, breathable, quick-drying and/or water-repellent performance gear that acts to eliminate every possibility that the race can not be won!

A new casual line is offered by the STYLE and ORANGE segments with an array of loud and edgy designs tailored to a 'fast-paced motorcycle lifestyle'. This includes a great selection of everyday wear including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and accessories that make you wear your orange heart on your sleeve.

As PURITY is one of the brand values at KTM, this collection reflects precisely that. From jackets to caps, bags and shades, everything is soaked in that strong orange statement that you don’t need much, only the best.

Finally, the MECHANIC line aims at the workshop. KTM mechanics are part of a rare breed of professionals who combine a sense of adventure with an extreme attention to detail and sky-high skills. 

Browse through the new KTM PowerWear Casual and Accessories 2018 catalog online or contact the team at AMS4KTM to find out more.

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