KTM release ‘Race Injected’ electric balance bikes for aspiring riders

Image courtesy of KTM Motorcycles (2022)

Everyone remembers their first bike! Mine was a battered old Honda Scrambler, the decals had long peeled off, the engine coughed loudly and it'd only start on alternate Tuesdays.

After a quick whip around it’s fair to say none of the bikes from the AMS teams’ early years were quite as cool as KTM’s new 12eDrive and 16eDrive balance bikes.

These power-assisted machines are the perfect entry-level platform for the smallest riders with big aspirations. The twist and go throttle gives the rider the raw instincts of motorcycling and is sure to have them hooked for life.

Image courtesy of KTM Motorcycles (2022)

KTM has released two models of the eDrive balance bike. The KTM 12eDrive is the ideal starter for kids who are growing every day. It has a low 33cm seat height allowing kids to learn to push, balance and coast before engaging the 3 staggered power modes. At just under 8kg, the bike can be handled easily by most young riders. 

The KTM 16eDrive has slightly bigger wheels and more power than its smaller brother making it ideal for taller riders or those with more ‘miles’ under their belt. 

Key features includes:

Fast charging

  • Roughly 30-60 minutes run-time

  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame

  • Three progressive power modes

  • Safe, thermally protected 20V battery

  • 33cm & 43 cm seat heights

  • Steel, BMX-style forks, BMX-styled chain & freewheel

  • Multi-functional throttle with ride mode display & battery level

  • Race Replica aesthetic with tapered footrests and ergonomics

  • Comprehensive and exclusive KTM PowerWear items

Younger riders can now also look and feel part of KTM family from their first bike with a complete range of KTM PowerWear. Helmets, goggles and race shirts are now available.

Image courtesy of KTM Motorcycles (2022)

If you’d like to discuss getting your hands on either of the KTM eDrive electric balance bikes, please give the AMS4KTM team a call on +44 (0) 1684 29 29 29email us or visit our Tewkesbury showroom.