Our work is never done - the future of KTM’s Motocross bikes

KTM 2019 350 SX
Image courtesy of KTM (2018)

At the launch of KTM’s 2019 SX range, Offroad Product Manager Joachim Sauer was quizzed about the KTM Motocross bikes of the future. Sauer admitted that even though he thought the 2019 range was ‘almost perfect’ there’s always room for advancing offroad racing technology.

 Joachim’s full interview is available on KTM’s official blog, but for our customers that prefer riding to reading we’ve compiled the best bits below.

  1. A new Engine Management System is in the works. Sauer confirmed that the R&D department are working on an upgraded version of their EMS in a bid to perfect ignition timing and fuel injection.

  2. Ride by wire introduced within 10 years. Although not currently allowed by the FIM, Sauer thinks that within the next decade KTM’s Motocross bikes will do away with the throttle cable.

  3. Electric motocross will (unfortunately) be a thing. Sauer thinks it’s inevitable that the electronic department will muscle it’s way in on the motocross industry. He remarks that currently ‘offroad is not ready’ but when the car industry really moves ahead, motorbikes will follow.

An interesting hypothesis from a man in the know. But luckily for now, we can still open the throttle and soak up the noise, power and beauty of KTM’s 2019 SX range - available now at AMS thanks to clever folks like Joachim Sauer.