What to expect from the 2019 KTM SX & SX-F Range

Image courtesy of KTM (2018)

2018’s KTM SX range was pretty close to perfect! The flagship KTM 450 SX-F took home the title in Supercross and took 1-2 in MXGP. But as any self respecting R&D team will tell you ‘we can always do better’. And according to the wizards at KTM - they have!

2019’s stacked lineup consists of three 4-strokes - 450, 350 & 250 and three 2-strokes: 250, 150, 125. The new spectrum of SX machines have all received carefully researched improvements in power, rideability and ergonomics.

Improved rideability

Rideability was at the heart of KTM’s objectives for the new SX range. A number of mods have been made, but the most significant is the frame. Cast from chromium molybdenum steel sections, the new frame has a longer aluminium sub frame and swingarm to create extra stiffness.

British test rider and former races Dave Willet was one of the first to take the new bikes for a spin and said of the rideability improvements,

“With the KTM 450 SX-F being one of the fastest bikes on the market it was hard to move it in the past… but not anymore. The frame, swing arm, linkeage and suspension all compliment the engines force.”

Increased power

2018’s SX & SX-F range have all gone on a diet. On average 400g has been shed from the bikes and the team has made a huge effort to make the engines more efficient.

Unrivalled comfort

The 2019 SX range hasn’t been flipped upside down. But the designers at KISKA have focused on the ‘vulnerable’ points of contact between rider and bike to make the new range the most ‘male friendly’ yet.

After a fistful of hours planted on the seat, Dave Willet said “There is less contact in ‘certain areas’ and the way you now have to grip the bike and with the sub-frame being slimmer allows you to transfer body weight more easily”. Good news for KTM lovers all round.

The 2019 KTM SX & SX-F range will be available from AMS motorcycles. Pop into our showroom or call us on 01684 292929 to chat pre ordering, availability, financing or genuine KTM parts.